Our Question-Builders

Leveraging our industry relationships and our own screening model, eScreeningz has employed the best of the best Big Data and Java test subject matter experts in the region to help build and critique our Big Data and Java test question repository.  Our Question Builders have years of experience as technical screeners, Big Data and Java developers and technical leads in all aspects of these curriculums.

Our Questions

Our Big Data and Java exam questions are based on our scientific approach, embracing multiple factors that work together to provide layers of filtering and measurements to accurately assess your candidates.

- Factor #1:  We build our test questions based on practical application knowledge of your candidates, not a concepts/principles approach used by other companies.  You won’t find the answers to our questions by searching the Internet…it’s a basic rule with our Question-Builders.  Our questions are built by subject matter experts who are frustrated by the lack of accurate and practical Big Data and Java technical screening exams in the Information Technology industry.

- Factor #2:  We adjust the selection of test questions in our exams based on how well the candidate understood the previous question in the same category. 

- Factor #3:  We employ multiple-answer exam question formats with multiple layers of difficulty in each question’s answer set, making it difficult to cheat, difficult to guess correct answers and rewarding the most advanced candidates with the most points in the exam.

- Factor #4:  We work with you (at no additional charge) to build exam “flavors”, where you select the categories within Big Data and/or Java that you want to use for each candidate’s test.  You can build multiple exam flavors so you can test candidates at a generic level but, perhaps more importantly at very specific levels of technical knowledge.  Avoid testing your candidates in areas of knowledge that are of no interest to your clients!

- Factor #5:  We dynamically update (in real-time) our scoring ranges based on our ever-growing Big Data and Java exam results database so the test results reflect the latest candidate averages and ranges and where your candidate compares to their peers.

- Factor #6:  Every day we dynamically monitor every test question in our repository and track the “behavior” of every question and every answer in each question set to ensure they are functioning in an accurate manner.  We replace/refresh our question sets for our Big Data and Java exams regularly to keep our exam effective for you now and when new versions, frameworks and other changes occur in the technology.