Our success is based on a model you probably employ yourself…tailoring our product to personal needs.

We know hiring manager’s requirements often differ from their peers (even in the same organization), so eScreeningz provides you the opportunity to build Big Data and Java exam “flavors” at no additional charge. 

You select the top 6 categories to test your candidate against and we’ll build that Big Data and/or Java exam “flavor” for your use.  You can then create a library of your favorite exam flavors (customized to reflect your particular customers) and utilize them over and over again as needed. 

The exam flavors are specifically built to each company contact in your organization that uses our product, so you won’t have trouble finding the Big Data and Java exam flavors specific to your accounts (and neither will your peers).  You can:

- Create generic exam flavors to use repeatedly when building your resource pipeline

- Build unique Big Data and Java test flavors addressing roles for those hard-to-please hiring managers

You can create Big Data and Java test flavors tailored to each major or minor customer department that you service.  It’s your choice.

Want to know more about customized exam flavors in eScreeningz’ Big Data and Java tests?  Just email us at support@escreeningz.net.